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Kiln Ceramic Bullnose Tile | 125+ Colors

made in USA

Kiln Ceramic Bullnose tile is a great option for finishing exposed edges in your tile design. The glazed rounded edge provides an elegant finish without the need for trim. Available in a variety of sizes and orientations.

Please call or email Modwalls for assistance in ordering trim pieces.

Contact Us

Please note: this tile is sold by the piece. Please contact us by phone or email if you need assistance calculating quantity needed. 

Lead Time

This product is made to order. 8 weeks (15-100sf), 9+ weeks (101+ sf) -- Please contact us for lead time quote

  • Material: Ceramic

  • Shape: Rectangle

  • Tile Size:

  • Tile Thickness: 6mm (Approximately 1/4")

  • Sheet / Loose: Piece

  • Sheet Size: Loose

  • Tiles Per Sheet: 10 tiles per square foot

  • Grout Spacing: 5mm (Approximately 3/16")

  • Applications: Walls, backsplashes and showers. Indoor Installation only

  • Recommended Adhesive: Mastic or thin-set

  • Recommended Grout: Sanded grout or urethane grout

  • Recommended Trim (if needed):

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