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*cannot be used in combination with trade discount



*cannot be used in combination with trade discount

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Common Installation Questions and Tips



Can I find your products locally?

We design and produce our own brands and offer them exclusively through our website. We ship from Aptos, CA and Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to ordering online, you may speak to our customer service team either by phone 877-439-9734, or by email: We have expert product advisers who specialize in working with Interior Designers, Architects and Builders as well as Homeowners. You may order samples of any product and we will rush them to you via USPS Priority Mail. Back to Top


How can I check the availability of your products?

The quantity in stock is listed on each product page and is updated automatically as orders are placed. Some Modwalls tile designs or colors are Made-to-Order or Pre-Order and the time for production is listed on the tile product page. You may order Made-to-Order and Pre-Order tiles online and we will keep you updated on the production timing.

We ship orders of in stock tile within 2 business days. If you have placed a custom order then you have a specific lead time and should discuss your specific timing with our customer service representative at 877-439-9734 or by emailing us at  Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information when the tile ships from our warehouse in Aptos, CA.  

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Can I order samples?

Yes. We highly recommend getting samples of your tile choices before purchasing the entire quantity you need for your projects. Samples are free to registered trade accounts and they are a nominal fee for retail customers. If you would like to apply for a Modwalls Trade Discount, please submit complete the form here:

Shipping is free for sample orders. 

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How big are the samples?

Color chips from Kiln & Clayhaus, Basis, and ModMix are roughly 2x2. If you choose to see a sample of a mosaic blend, we’ll make sure to include at least one tile of every color in the blend. Shipping is free for all samples. Project tile samples to registered trade customers are free.

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How long will it take to receive my order of samples?

Sample orders ship via USPS Priority Mail and usually arrive anywhere in the US in 2-3 business days from date shipped. Sample and product orders are shipped within two business days of purchase.

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How long will it take for me to receive my tile?

Brio and Lush are shipped within two business days and are usually shipped via UPS or freight service (where samples are sent via USPS). Mediterranean, PopDotz, and ModDotz are shipped within five to seven business days. Actual UPS or freight transit time will vary depending on the delivery address. For example, we are based in California and shipping to the East Coast will take 5-7 business days. Take a look at our “Shipping” page for more details and to see a map of UPS transit times.  Please note, if you want to expedite shipping you must get your order in by noon Pacific Time in order to get the order out that day. Please call 877-439-9734 if you need help getting your order expedited.

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Will the colorant on the back of Lush® tiles come off in a wet installation like a pool?

No. Our Lush glass subway tiles have their colorant kiln-fired onto the back of the tiles, making it impossible to fade away over time no matter what type of installation; indoor, outdoor, wet or dry. As long as Lush glass tiles are installed with thin-set adhesive, a seal is created and there is no penetrating it. 

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Please explain how your products are packaged to avoid breakage during shipping.

Our shipping department packs meticulously and the customer reviews on our site attest to this fact. If the order is shipping via UPS Ground we put the box inside a box with specially designed recyclable end caps, along with either recycled cardboard packing material or compostable green packing peanuts all around.

If the product ships via freight carrier, we construct a pallet and strap the boxes of tile to the pallet and then shrink wrap the entire pallet. Because of these professional techniques, we are fortunate to not have breakage be an issue, but it does happen from time to time. We ask that you thoroughly check your entire order upon arrival. If anything arrives damaged, please note it right away and call us 877-439-9734. We will replace any tile broken during shipment.

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Where are you located?

Our offices and warehouse are in Aptos, California: 800 Estates Dr Ste 100, Aptos, CA 95003.

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Do you have installation guides for your tile?

Yes, here is a link to our Installation Guides page where you can find a specific installation guide for each of our product lines.

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What is the best way to finish the edge of your tiles? Do you carry bullnose tile?

A1. Our glass tiles (Lush & Brio), both have finished edges and do not require edge pieces. Tile can be installed with the edges grouted and this can easily be done with a strip of 2" blue tape laid down about 1 grout space from the edge of the tile. When the tile is grouted, the edge of the tile can be finished with grout that is beveled at 45 degrees from the face of the tile to the edge of the blue tape on the wall. Once the grout is dry the blue tape can be removed and you will have a nice straight grout edge.  

*Tip: If your tile has been cut, exposing an unfinished edge, turn the cut edge inward (facing other tiles) and make the tile’s perfectly finished edge is the end of the installation.

A2. We offer bullnose pieces with an order from the Kiln Ceramic or Clayhaus Mosaic collections. For other trim options, we recommend Schluter, a beautiful metal trim that you can find at any home improvement store.

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Can I use your tiles for an outdoor installation like a pool or hot tub?

Yes, our glass and porcelain collections are all great for exterior and wet applications. We do not recommend using ceramic tile outdoors or for submerged wet applications (pools). The glaze may wear over time if exposed to the elements, and ceramic is more porous than porcelain. If submerged over a long period of time, ceramic is susceptible to damage.

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Which tiles are best suited for floors?

Brio Mosaics, PopDotz, ModDotz, Mediterranean, and CorkDotz can be used on floors. Lush glass tiles are not recommended for floor installations as they are too slick and are not rated for floors.

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Are all of your tiles safe on a back splash behind stove? My Viking generates a lot of heat.

Yes, all of Modwalls tiles are safe to install on back splashes behind stoves. Stoves are designed for installation in kitchens with just drywall behind them so they won’t generate enough heat to damage the wall,
with or without tile.

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Can I tile over existing tile? Can I tile directly on a wood surface?

We recommend that you hire an experienced professional tile installer for your project.

You cannot tile over tile and you also cannot tile directly onto a wood surface.

Preparing the existing surface is the most critical task of any tile installation. The tile must be placed on a rigid, level, plumb and structurally sound surface to avoid problems. The surface should be clean, dry
and free of contaminants that could prevent a good bond. The recommended substrate is a cement backer board such as HardieBacker. Gypsum board may also be acceptable for interior dry installations only.

Please see our Installation Guides page for more details.

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All of your glass tiles require the use of modified latex thin-set adhesive. Can you give examples of some specific names of brands you recommend?

We recommend hiring a tile installer who is experienced with installing the type of tile you have purchased.  In particular, glass tile cannot be installed in the same manner as you would install ceramic tile. An experienced tile installer should know that the glass tile requires a modified thin-set be used for successful bond.  An experienced tile installer should be able to recommend the best brand of thin-set for the job.

Modified latex thin-sets are not limited to but include these brands:

  1. Custom Building Products: Premium Plus Thin-Set Mortar (white) mixed with Custom Flex Ultra-Strength Thin-Set Additive
  2. Custom Building Products: MegaFlex Ultimate Thin-Set Mortar (white). No admixture is necessary.
  3. Hydroment: ReFlex Ultra-Premium Latex-Modified Thin Set Mortar. No admixture necessary.
  4. KeraKoll: H40 Tenax Single Component Thin-Set (white) No admixture necessary.
  5. Laticrete: 254 Platinum Multipurpose Thin-Set Mortar. No admixture necessary.
  6. MAPEI: Kerabond Premium Dry-Set Mortar (KER 102) mixed with Keralastic Mortar Admix (KER 310)
  7. TEC (H.B. Fuller): Super Flex Premium Performance Universal Latex-Modified Thin-Set Mortar. No admixture is necessary.

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What’s the best grout to use for each of your product lines?

Brio glass mosaic tile: Sanded and non-sanded grout are both suitable; Sanded grout is recommended for floor, outdoor, commercial and wet applications.
Lush glass tile: Sanded and non-sanded grout are both suitable; Sanded grout is recommended for floor, outdoor, commercial and wet applications.
Kiln, Basis, and Clayhaus ceramic tile: Sanded grout or a urethane grout are both suitable.
Cork Dotz tile: Sanded grout only
Porcelain ModDotz, PopDotz, and Mediterranean: Sanded and non-sanded grout are both suitable; Sanded grout is recommended for floor, outdoor, commercial and wet applications.
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Will sanded grout scratch glass tiles?

No, sanded grout will not scratch any of our glass tiles and you could use a sanded grout with any of our tiles. 

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Do I need to use a sealer on my tile or grout?

Our tiles do not ever need sealing, but you may want to use a sealer on your grout; we highly recommend it. Grout is very porous and is prone to staining if not sealed. Sealing helps to prevent stains and dirt from penetrating into the grout and makes it easier to clean. A sealer also helps to prevent mold and mildew growth. Sealer should be used after the grout is cured, approximately 48-72 hours after grouting but please see manufacturer instructions for specific time frame.


How can cut glass tile or drill a hole in glass tile?

Cutting Lush Glass Tile: We Do Not Recommend Drilling Holes in our Glass Tile Designs

  • The recommended cutting method is by wet saw with a brand new diamond blade designed specifically for cutting glass. For tile size of 3x6 or larger the glass score and snap method is also effective.
  • Make cuts onto the back side of the tiles after removing the mesh.
  • Edges which have been cut should be smoothed with diamond hand pad or other similar smoothing tools.

Cutting Modwalls Brio glass mosaic tile:

  • Modwalls Brio glass tile can be cut using tile nippers 

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How should I clean my glass tile?

Glass tiles are easy to clean by wiping with a damp cloth as you would any wall or ceiling. To remove stubborn stains use a commercial nonabrasive cleaner like window cleaner or a solution of soapless detergent. The surface should be scrubbed, rinsed thoroughly with clean water and dried.

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