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*cannot be used in combination with trade discount



*cannot be used in combination with trade discount

Modwalls Testimonials



You're such a wonderful respresentative of the company. You have great service at Modwalls. Out of all of the companies I ordered tile samples from, your customer service stands out.

Keela S.


Dear Modwalls,

Even a small kitchen can look great with your very special Lush glass subway tile. We used the gorgeous gray Fog Bank 1x2 subway tiles with your silver grout- which really accented the tile beautifully. The installation was a very straightforward process with your good directions.

Thanks so much for terrific customer service as well. Our order came super quickly, perfectly packaged, with every piece intact. Looking forward to doing a custom Brio mosaic blend soon for the bath!



Recently, I contacted Modwalls with a question about a retired custom-tile blend. The customer service representatives were so helpful in finding the information I needed. I would definitely recommend the Web site to others looking for beautiful wall tiles! Thanks again for everything!

Marie D.

Thank you so much. You guys are seriously awesome. Definitely best customer service I've ever dealt with.




Thank you so much for the samples and setting up the account it was very helpful.

Have a great day! I’m very impressed with your company and your helpfulness. I will definitely use your product and specify it our jobs.    

Todd Bellis
Studio3 Design, Inc.



We had already scoured your site for ideas which made us fall in love even more with the idea of the tiles we have picked out.

Thanks for your help and the coupon and for providing such an awesome product.

Barbara M.


Thank you so much for such prompt service! You guys are phenomenal and will def be working with you again in the future!         

Jami N.

I received the tile yesterday, checked every piece and am happy to report that there's not even 1 chip. Thanks for your excellent and speedy service.

Jane M.

I have been searching for wow factor kitchen tiles for a long time and have just stumbled across your website and love so many that it would be difficult to choose!! Very impressed!


The tiles are perfect for this 1890 New Orleans home. Since we are not talented DIY-people, we hired an excellent contractor for this job.

For continuity, we used the Atomic Mid Century throughout our house. It goes with everything, cypress wood, heart of pine floors, glass block, stainless steel, marble, white subway tile, and bright red acrylic cabinets.

For the kitchen island, we improvised a bit. We built a transition pony wall to support the countertop near the dishwasher and placed tiles on that side with epoxy.

The Modwalls tiles clean well, and look clean. They are shiny, but not slippery for the floor. I also appreciate the durability. Excess concrete from the glass block installation flaked off these tiles. I love the way these tiles behave. The tiles intensify color. For example, the orange tiles in the kitchen take on a deeper color and marry the red cabinets. The gray blues tiles pick up the stainless steel counter. However, in the bathrooms, your eye picks up the white tiles and light gray tiles. It's a beautiful colorful optical illusion. I imagine it is difficult for customers to fully appreciate how stunning these tiles are by simply a picture. The transition happens after they are installed.

Everyone who comes by raves about our Modwalls tiles, and I have been referring my friends to your website.       


I want to thank for your outstanding customer service, and I am sure I will be placing the full order with Modwalls in the future.


Modwalls Is like jewelry for your kitchen! Thank you for making my backsplash so special.

Charlotte B.



It has been a real pleasure doing business with you. It has been a great experience throughout that's definitely worth mentioning to my clients and colleagues. I look forward to receiving the product and will let you know what I think about the product as well.

Jean W.
Sasaki Associates

I am a new customer and I am so happy! Their pieces are so clean and pretty and the prices cannot be beat!!!! Thank you Jessica, for helping me track and receive my order within 3 days of shipping!!!!

Julie L. S.

I am absolutely thrilled. No one has ever seen anything like this tile! I'd love to enter it in your design contest. My daughter was actually my designer and found your tile on line. Her name is Sarah Greenwell. Glad you liked the final result!

Sue G.


I am very satisfied with the service and the product. I ordered custom blend tiles for the kitchen backsplash. The tiles came neatly packaged, undamaged. The tiles were left for a couple months before they were installed. The tiles were very easy to install, and there was very little waste. They look great too!!!. Thank you MODWALLS

Joanna T.

We are so thrilled with our purchases from Modwalls. I used your product in the half bathroom (ModDotz) and the kids bathroom backsplashes.

We had such a great experience with not only your company but your product... I think your product was the perfect fit with (our architect's) clean, modern architecture.

Ellie B.

I am a new customer and I am so happy! Their pieces are so clean and pretty and the prices cannot be beat!!!! Thank you Jessica, for helping me track and receive my order within 3 days of shipping!!!!

Julie S.

We were looking for a unique flooring solution for 2 showers and came across the ModRocks Recycled Glass Pebbles. Service was great and shipping was fast. The finished product turned out really well. The glass pebbles feel great on the feet! Be sure to use the urethane grout – it gives the pebbles more luminescence. We used the aquamarine and diamond grout. A bit on the expensive side, but well worth it if you are looking for something out of the ordinary.




Thanks for all your help!! Love this product! You guys rock! Thx for the support!

Eric V.

Hi Modwallers:

Here's what we did with the Lush glass subway tiles in Sky, Blue Bell, Rain, Fog Bank, Lemongrass, and Bamboo. I love, love, love them!! When the who thing is finished I'll send you more photos of the whole bathroom.

 Thanks so much. You guys have been great. These tiles turned what would have been a dreary but necessary repair job into an art project.

Your happy, color-drunk costumer,

Robyn R.


Excellent service regarding answering questions and helping customer.

Very modern and clean look of tiles.

Namjin L.

I just wanted to let you know that the tiles have arrived and they are great. The size is perfect. The installation will happen next week and I can't wait to see them up. Thanks much for your assistance and great service. Enjoy your day!

Risa N.

Well, we couldn't have done it without you guys. This is the third glass tile installation I've done, and by far, the most successful. As you know, glass tile is VERY hard, and I lucked out in that the size of the tiles made for minimum cuts, the mesh backing is WAY easier than the paper faced front style, and that ground glass grout RULES. I absolutely HATE mixing grout, and it was so great to have a pre-mixed grout that was evenly colored, easy to use and minimal mess.

Peter T.


The Lush Vapor 4” X 12” tile sample I received is Amazing and is exactly what I am looking for. I can’t wait to receive the sample of the Glass Pebbles to see how they look together. As soon as the demo and addition are a little further along I will figure out how many Sq. Ft. I need and get an order placed. Thanks again for your fast and courteous service.

Brian P L



Top that Pizza Restaurant, Colorado Springs, CO

The customer service and ordering process was great, delivery occurred when Jessica said it would, they even sent me an extra sheet for no charge to make sure I had enough. The product was straight, nice looking and installed easy.

TN Parker Construction, LLC.
Colorado Springs, CO

Thanks so much for you help. Good thing I did not place my order yesterday. After my husband came home and we remeasured what I did, I realized I forgot the wall by our fridge! So I just placed my order for 22 tiles. Again, thanks for all of your help and I have already Facebooked all my friends with your web-site and how great your customer service is! Being in Direct Sales this is the KEY to a company's success. Have a great day and safe weekend.

Mary K.

Dear Modwalls,

Thank you for your beautiful tiles, your service, quality, price, everything! It was a pleasure dealing with your company and my kitchen is absolutely fabulous. Everyone loves it as do I!

Milena S.

You guys provide amazing Customer Service at ModWalls. Your communication is top notch service; I have never experienced it with online business until now.




These tiles are awesome! The vivid colors add a fun, yet stylish, contemporary feel to my new kitchen. I painted an orange-reddish accent wall across from the backsplash, and they complement each other fantastically.

The product arrived promptly after my order, and it was packed very securely/safely. Not a single tile was damaged! The Modwalls customer service is tops. Leading up to my order, I had many questions and Jessica answered all of them very promptly. She followed up after the order arrived to make sure I was satisfied as well. I would definitely recommend Modwalls for a tile purchase, and I will use them again on future projects!


Just to let you know our tile order arrived in perfect condition last Tuesday! The color looks great and I am anxious to schedule the installation soon! Will need to beat the cold weather as we usually close our pool for the winter by the end of Oct. What a pleasure to deal with a “class operation” like Modwalls and such a helpful and efficient employee as you are!!


 I searched and searched for penny round tiles and could not find anything comparable to the Modwalls product. I originally wanted the blue penny rounds, but when they sold out and would not be produced in that color in the future, I immediately purchased the green penny rounds instead. You customer service staff was awesome and even told me that if I bought the pistachio tiles (also being discontinued) and decided to return them later for the new robin’s egg blue tile that would be produced a few months later, I could do so despite exceeding the time-frame for the standard return date.

As it turns out, this color was probably better for me anyway. I live in a 1941 ranch home and when we tore out the bathroom walls we discovered that the original paint color used in the bathroom was very close to the pistachio green of the tiles. The pistachio penny rounds really fit the size and spirit of my tiny 1940s bath.


Modwalls has been such a pleasure to deal with!

C Sloan

Everything was excellent. I was nervous ordering a product online that I wouldn’t be able to visualize in the space prior to receipt but I am not disappointed at all. As someone who loves color, we realized we needed to tone it down a little in the kitchen but still wanted the kitchen to stand out. I called and emailed several times and received excellent support. The product installed like a gem and I had no broken or unusable pieces, a first ever in our many home remodeling efforts. I would and have recommended this company to others. The only thing I would say is to start early in the day so you aren’t tired! Nothing about the product, more about the user.


The entire experience of working with Modwalls has been a joy! I was a little leery about ordering tiles on-line, but the ease and speed with which I received the samples sealed the deal. As soon as I held those samples in my hand, I knew I had found what I had been searching for. I had shopped all of the major tile retailers in my area (and on-line) and my personal ‘color scheme’ was nowhere to be found.

As soon as my husband found out that Modwalls contracts with disabled adults to assemble the custom blends, you had a sale. Everyone that comes to my house raves over the tile. Honestly, if I didn’t have such a funky old house with plaster walls that like to crack, I would have gone crazy putting that tile everywhere!

Overall, this is probably the best on-line (and tile setting) experience I have ever had. I would 100% recommend Modwalls to anyone considering an order. You will NOT regret it.

Carole V.
North Little Rock, AR

The tiles are installed and it looks amazing! I'm very, very pleased.              

Mike H.

Thank you so much for the wonderful color selection in this shipment. Also please give my compliments to the shipping department. All the boxes arrived in perfect condition. Thanks to all.

Michelle M.

Thank you for a wonderful website, great customer service and quick turnaround I have to say this was the most painless part of arranging for our kitchen remodel. Many thanks for a wonderful product,    

Buxton, ME



We did receive the samples and will be making a purchase soon. I appreciate your time. Our business is built on customer relationships, so it means we like to have the same type service when we are the client. It makes work so much more fun. Have a great day.

Deborah S. Conyers
Thomas W. Conyers, Architect, AIA

Well, I am tickled that you went ahead and placed my order with the flat rate postage rate. Thank you very much and this does save me almost $20. That seems like a worthy purchase and savings. I am impressed that your company must be concerned with a "little" customer such as me, as well as the big time customer who spends hundreds or thousands. That gives me renewed hope for humanity :)

Carole V

My white penny rounds arrived yesterday, thank you so much! And this morning I was ordering samples from clayhaus and discovered that they used to live in Las Vegas and know many of my friends and still have lots of love for this crazy city. You guys rock, and are going to force me to somehow find the money to purchase another house just so I can remodel it and do this all over again.

Ingrid T.

Thank you SO MUCH! I'm deliriously excited about this tile! And the fact that it's called "Big Sur" adds to it! I stayed at Glen Oaks Big Sur, which is where I believe this tile originated. LOVE IT. I'm using it as a backsplash for a bar. I wish I owned my home so I could use more tile! Soon! :)

Susan H.

They (modwalls) ARE wonderful. and superior customer service. i wish i had another reason to buy more tile. maybe a bathroom....?

Emily M. E.


 I've been telling friends and family about the great experience I've had with Modwalls so far. What a great team! Thanks again.

Liz F.

 I was so nervous when I ordered from you guys the first time [for our kitchen]. I had this horrible vision of a lot of breakage -- especially after watching Mr. UPS Man heave the boxes around. We went through every single box, every tile. We found one tile with a tiny scratch and that's all. Do you ever get reports of breakage? We will still go through these but not with a fine-toothed comb like we did last time.


 Thanks for everything...y'all were so awesome when I was trying to order my samples. I really appreciate all your help.

J. Lo

 Not only did I receive those samples, I ordered the tiles and installed them two weekends ago! It came out AMAZEBALLS. I'm attaching two pictures (and CC'ing service@modwalls since the instructions for the photo contest said to do that) so you guys can check it out. I went the traditional route and used glass tile thinset and bright white non-sanded grout. We are absolutely thrilled with it and have already received some wonderful compliments. It was exactly the finishing touch are already beautifully designed kitchen needed. Thanks again so much for all the help!

Martin B.

We looked everywhere for a black/white/gray mosaic tile mix and could not find one. Then we found Modwalls and got exactly what we had in our minds. Great product, fast, friendly service and reasonable price for what it is. The tiles look great, came packaged well (zero broken), and we are 100% happy.         

Sherwood Park, AB

Wow, you are AMAZINGLY fast. Great customer service!             

Jill Y.

I love this tile and love and love my bathroom.

Thanks to all at Modwalls for the quick shipping and help with questions I had.    


I instantly fell in love with the Brio Atomic Ranch Midcentury Palette tile because of the fun pop of vibrant red-orange against the more conservative greys and white. I figured--what better way to make the staid laundry room more interesting? And the choice went great with the modern aesthetic of the rest of our home. The small scale tiles were a perfect fit for the size of the space. And with two kids under age four, cleanup will be a breeze. I can't walk into my laundry room without feeling happy--I'm not sure many people can say that!    

Suzy Hausknecht

I received my tiles and they are beautiful. Amazing how they are packed. 

They should be put up this week. I'll send a picture!         


You guys were great to work with. My orders were shipped quick and packaged EXTREMELY mind blowingly well. The stuff was high quality and beautiful. I have been sending every customer to your site in hopes that they will choose something cool for me to play with.       

Mark Christensen
Tarkus Tile, Inc.

 I'm enamored with your tile, the fact that you use Hope Services and the ease of use of your website. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Haley H.

My wife found your site by Googling. To get comparison samples we compared the set we got from you to three other competitors and while yours are a little bit more money, the quality is significantly better. Thicker glass and better looking "backing" really stands out when held out side by side. The fact that no one else can quite match "Fog Bank" in color sealed the deal. Thanks again for all the help!  

Dave P.


Dear Jessica,

You truly are a Maven of Customer Experience! Thanks for the Lush tile sample. It came through the mail with flying colors, unlike another store's (who shall remain nameless)! The tile is beautiful…

Cindy E.

I have to tell you, I have been very impressed with the level of service from Modwalls. You have a great company. Thanks much.  


Thanks for the prompt response, your customer service is awesome. The tile looks great. We'll email some pictures once the kitchen is complete.                



We love the tile! In the bathroom with a wall of your tile, every single person that enters the room gently rubs their hand over the tile - almost hypnotically. It is something wonderful to watch.

Paul McCreesh
GreenGuys Construction

 Thanks to the tile, I don't just have a nice, updated kitchen -- I have one that brightens my mood every single day.

Orange is my favorite color, and this kitchen is ME.


The tile of course is beautiful! My daughter the- couldn't care less girl- even said it looked cool. I'll send y'all pictures when the remodel is finished.  P.S. You guys pack and ship amazingly well! No breakage or chipping-just perfect.

Michele M.


Thanks for the great service -- my seven boxes of tile arrived today. The color is beautiful. I am amazed at how quickly it arrived! I liked being able to track the shipment on-line; the Conway delivery folks were also great about calling ahead to give me a time frame for delivery this morning and then calling again just before arriving around 11 a.m.


WOW!  I am so impressed not only with your products but with your stellar customer service. It is a pleasure doing business with you. I cannot wait to see the grout myself – it had not yet been applied, but the backsplash was up and setting yesterday. I certainly will take photos and share them for use on your website once our project is complete.

Thank you for a great shopping experience. I have and will continue to share your website with many!


I had my tile installed yesterday and LOVE IT!! The installer said it was the easiest product he'd ever installed. It took him less than 2 hours to do my kitchen. Of the 27 sheets, only 1 tile was broken - that's amazing! Once the tile is grouted I'll definitely send in my photos!! I've told everyone how easy the experience is and how responsive you have all been to my emails. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.     

Renee S.



The installation is happening today and it looks FABULOUS!!! I don’t know why we waited so long to do this!! I was afraid of making the color decision, I guess. We decided on the Vertical/straight joint application, and it is perfect! My wonderful kitchen is transformed!! I can't wait to show it off to everybody! Pics to follow, after the grouting is done. Many, many thanks to you and to Modwalls for an incredible product!       

Karen W


I thank you very much for your assistance and find your company absolutely wonderful to work with. After searching in Canada for a bit, I accidentally found your website and am now hooked. I am so 'pumped' to get the tiles and get finished and would love to send pictures. I've had that 'green' tile in my mind for over a year and could only seem to find stuff in the UK until by accident I found YOU... I am VERY impressed, easy to use your web site and easy to speak with you. Your colours are fantastic...

Carol L

Thank you so much. We are thrilled with your product and the outcome of our shower. We love your website and I was blown away by the shipping cost. Thank you for providing such an affordable option. I will be remodeling my kitchen and plan on ordering through you again!        

Cheri B.

 I'll send you a sneak peek of the tile in place...we are still furnishing I don't have final pics yet. The 3x6 glass "Sky" in the kitchen is unbelievable! It is my favorite kitchen ever...over 12 years of design, that says a lot. And the Brio is just as yummy!


The tiles were a huge success.

Speaking of your website, I wanted to tell you how great it was. After many weeks of searching, yours was definitely the best. I especially loved the pictures of what previous customers had sent in — so great to see how the tiles work in “real people bathroom” scenarios. It gave me the confidence I needed to pull the trigger! Anyway, thanks for all your help. Dealing with Modwalls was a great experience for us.                  

Megan G.



 I recently finished our bathroom and wanted to send you pictures of the new floor. I believe it is Brio Blend Tiki with a couple of extra white tiles added in. We are very happy with the way it came out. We get many compliments on our new floor.



Thank you Modwalls. I am so thrilled that you exist!!!


 I wish I could do more than just send emails to tell you how fortunate you and your team are at Modwalls to have such a great people working there. Jessica Lee, is already a major superstar to me- has just come thru again for me.

I've been working with a challenging client who has tile "commitment" issues and she finally decided to move forward. Of course, the tile she wants for a small entry way project was sold out.

Enter Superhero Jessica who found a solution by working with some other awesome people to find enough of the tile! She worked harder than anyone should for a 138.00 order but I promise I will continue to be loyal to Modwalls even if I have to do it...small little orders at a time:)

Please make sure that everyone who should know- is aware that Jessica really is a repeat SuperStar


I'm a HUGE fan of modwalls and have used your product several times in my own home as well as recommended you guys to many of my friends. Here are before and after photos of my latest makeover--my living room fireplace wall. Hope you love it as much as I do! Thanks for such an amazing, affordable product!

Lacey H.

I love love my tiles! I needed something to make my all stainless kitchen come alive and the emma blend did it. Wow factor for sure. Customer service was excellent as I had to place my order on the phone. Shipping to NY was fast. Thank you.

Lin G.

My husband and I did our kitchen backsplash in  Brio and love it. It was very affordable, very fast delivery, and very easy to work with. Your company definitely rates 5 stars with us. We bought more than we needed and had to send some back and the return service was also excellent. We recommend modwalls to everyone and will definitely be return customers for the next project! Thanks for being there.

Sheryl R.



 We could not have been happier with the product, service and speed in which we received our tile. Thank you so much!

 P.S. This is the Big Sur glass tile.

Janice F.
Satisfied Customer


Thank you for being so kind to help us find the last 3 sheets of penny rounds to finish our new walk-in doorless shower. Our family loves it, and the colors are exactly as we envisioned.

the Smiths


I purchased the tiles for around $100; installed them myself including grouting; and within a weekend, our kitchen was completely changed! We love it. Our kitchen and living room have white/gray paint colors and this complements the walls perfectly. I am so very pleased with my interactions with modwalls, and the end result.

Elizabeth C.

My new tile backsplash is fabulous. I chose the random color application and couldn’t be more pleased with its uniqueness. We’re not finished with the overall kitchen yet, but I’ve already had many comments on the backsplash, like “Wow! That’s gorgeous!” Your customer service was top notch. You answered any questions I had. Thank you so much for a great product.                

Carol and Roger G.
Atlanta, Georgia

I am loving these tiles! Thanks for your excellent product and service. Best regards,

Jeff P.
Durham, NC

This isn't a review for a specific product. Just wanted to let you know I think you all are awesome. Every time I have called to order samples I receive them so quickly. Since I am building my business , it's really important for me to be able to provide my clients with samples quickly so it takes the guesswork out of the project for them. This last time I called, I spoke with Jessica, who was a total rock star and made great suggestions. Just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the excellent customer service and hope to continue to send business your way every chance I get. Please make sure that Jessica knows how much I appreciate her help.

Lauren H.
Certified Interior Refiner

Here are a couple of photos showing off our beautiful modwall tile. We love everything about it; the color, quality and how it looks after being added as a back splash. You guys are great and we always recommend you when we hear of others taking on the task of remodeling.            

Chris and Vicki
Decatur, GA

Thank you for creating and selling an affordable Mosaic Glass Tile! I just had refinished our kitchen cabinets and wanted the mosaic tiles but since we were selling our home soon I wanted to find something that was both beautiful and affordable. Your products definitely fit the bill. I have had so many people come in and think I spent a fortune on the backsplash. I am soon ordering more tile to do my Mother's kitchen and bathroom backsplashes as well as my Mother-in-Law's. I recommend your site to everyone I know. Thank you again!!      

Kandy H.

Was in a pinch with a mis-ordered white glass tile and found Modwalls doing a web search. They had the 1x2 size I needed and the white was much better than the one I had previously selected. Overnight shipping arrived as ordered and very high quality tile. You saved the day! Wish I had found you before, but will be shopping Modwalls first from now on!         

Christy W.



We have recommended your product many times in the last few weeks, thanks so much for making an affordable, STYLISH product!!!    

Stacy R.

Modwalls®: another online company that sells directly to the public. I love this company and have used their product in my own home. Great color selection, great patterns, exceptional value, the quality of the glass was great  and the customer service was fantastic. Service is a big deal and this company delivered.

From the blog: Life of An Architect
Dallas TX

We recently completed our kitchen backsplash using glass tiles from Modwalls. The experience was wonderful from our samples to actually receiving our perfectly packed packages. Not a broken tile amongst the bunch. The kitchen looks just the way I imagined it would. We have gotten so many compliments! Thank you for such wonderful service as well as the wonderful projects you carry. We are moving on to the bathroom and I am checking out the cork floor tiles!     


Just wanted to follow up. The tile arrived right on schedule, just as you said. Can't thank you enough. It looks amazing, and we can't wait to tackle our project this coming weekend. Modwalls rocks!           



I received the tiles just a couple of days after the order. They are gorgeous, as I expected. It is going to be GORGEOUS!!!!! Thanks so much for your wonderful customer service.               

Keetah C

My cork floor has become a topic of conversation from the time one walks in the front door, as I did the foyer area. I've lost count of the compliments I've received. It blends nicely against the wood floor.


Thanks for giving us a great product. It turned out beautifully.

Baltimore Vintage Properties, LLC


Thank you for your excellent service. I appreciated your no hassle replacement of tiles that were broken during shipment.



We're so happy with how our holiday tiling DIY project turned out.  Thanks so much for your advice and guidance. Your product is lovely. I have to say, I was very impressed by the whole buying experience. Even down to the ExpandOS packing material - that was awesome.            



We recently completed our kitchen featuring the Big Sur Tile. We absolutely LOVE it! It perfectly matches the colors of the cabinets, granite, and paint. Everyone who enters our kitchen raves about how perfect the tile is. Thanks so much!



Hey there! I just made a post on my blog about how much i am loving your website and your products! Thanks for being today's design love.


Hi Modwalls,

Thanks for checking out my blog. Our new tiles from Modwalls really complete the look of our kitchen. We've gotten so many oooh's and ahhh's from our guests. You can definitely purchase the photos for use on your website.         

I'd like to (finally!!) share a few photos from the project...a galley-style laundry room which serves as a second entry into the home, so while small, needs to be practical with a strong visual impact. The under-cabinet lighting really brings out the depth and hues of the glass mosaics. Very good investment. Excellent experience with modwalls (product, customer service, tech support). Will certainly be using again on future projects.

Zak Studios
Trabuco Canyon, CA

We received our tile and it is GORGEOUS! And, it is so pretty that we have decided to take the tile to the ceiling so I will be ordering more next week. I have recommended modwalls to everyone I know and our contractor intends to use modwalls now. Glass tile is very popular here, but extraordinarily expensive and a limited variety. I could not find a dealer here that would even allow me to check out a sample to see if it would work in our kitchen. Needless to say, I just walked out. So, again, I just want to say it has been such a pleasure working with you all.                

Karen H.

Thank you for the follow-up! We received our samples promptly and loved the fact that they were available for such a reasonable charge. I also wanted to say how impressed we were by the modwalls’ relationship with Hope Services. What a wonderful partnership! I wish more companies would engage with the community like this! Aside from the great selection and pricing from modwalls, the existence of the community partnership definitely made us want to order our tiles from your company. Great work!       


Your website is, by far, the best tile site around. And I think I've looked at them all! But I keep coming back to yours! The gallery is so great to get ideas from and to see what others have done. It's amazing how tile can perk up a room!

Stacie L.



Thank you and thank you for such great customer service (so hard to find these days).

Kate S.
Baltimore MD

Your products and selection are wonderful, and the customer service has been first rate even for someone who has only ordered samples. Thanks again.               

Eve I.
Orlando, FL.

Your entire customer service and company interface has been fast and enjoyable. Even had a few technical questions that were handled by chat/email on a Saturday!!!

The samples were all gorgeous, so "deciding" was the most difficult part of process!      

Kate Z.


You have such great customer service and such COOL products. We have also passed your cards off to several friends. Pleasure doing business with you!

Alison B.


I am an avid online shopper for whatever I need. I had already decided on glass tile for kitchen backsplash for my remodel and was looking around the web for ideas. I found your website by chance and fell in love with the 4x4 lush tiles and the pictures of the IKEA kitchen. The pictures happened to have the exact same cabinets that I was getting as well. I got the Lush tiles in Tomato, Dune, Chocolate, Goldfish, Merlot and Leaf. They arrived extremely quickly and carefully packaged. I had previously painted my kitchen lime green and I wasn't ready to give up on the lime green altogether. With the Leaf tiles I was able to keep that splash of color. I painstakingly peeled the tiles away from the mesh backing and then spent almost an entire day coming up with the pattern. I love my kitchen. The best part, by far, is the backsplash. I have attached pictures of how fabulous it looks. I did not take great photographs but you can really see in the pictures how reflective the glass is. It looks even better in person!

Now, I am planning on a couple bathroom remodels. One is going to be more traditional and the other a bit more fun. I recently bought some samples of the 1x1 Brio tiles. Again, they arrived extremely quickly. And, what a pleasant surprise to get almost twice as many samples as I requested! I still haven't quite figured out exactly how I want the bathroom to be but I have a lot to work with. Thank you for making it easy for me to get exactly what I wanted!          

Ellie P.



We recently completed a remodel of the main bathroom in our 1954 midcentury ranch. We used ModDotz for the backsplash around the sink and in the tub/shower combo. We are really happy with how it turned out. The tile’s color referenced the original bathroom, but are up to date, clean, modern, and fun...just like we wanted.     

Jahn & Julianna
Long Beach, CA



Thanks for all your help with our kitchen. We are very happy with the results. Everyone says the tile is the highlight of the kitchen.               

Rich & Rachel S.

My husband and I searched high and low for high quality glass tiles and finally found them at modwalls.  We are so pleased with them! At night, we leave the under counter lights on and our kitchen gleams!

Our next project: the master bathroom. We'll surely look you up again for our tiles. Thanks, modwalls.          

Elizabeth A.

I am writing to thank you so much for your help in providing your beautiful tiles for our television show, Destination Design! We were waiting to hear if our show would be picked up by the network, HGTV, and we were delighted to get the green light this week. We are incredibly grateful to modwalls for helping to make our pilot a success, and for providing the beautiful green glass tile that served as the stunning centerpiece for our design.Thanks again, and we very much look forward to working with you in the future!

Design Assistant to Taniya Nayak
HGTV's Destination Design

We recently installed a custom Brio Blend backsplash in our 55 yr old kitchen. Cupboards were painted which were very plain front oak; we sanded, added bead board trim and re-painted (white on top, green on bottom) and glazed. It gave the kitchen an old-fashioned look appropriate for the house, but it all came together with the new countertops, bronze hardware, and beautiful green mix backsplash. The backsplash really made the whole kitchen look new; it is beautiful, and I had so much fun choosing the colors and patterns!  Thank you, modwalls!   

Waynesboro, GA

My husband and I were very impressed with how quickly we received our order. I think there was only a 2 day turn around. The samples were great and helped tremendously. We are not quite ready to move forward with our bathroom project yet, but will be fairly soon. We've shared your website with a number of friends and family members because we were so impressed with your products and service so far. 

Sunny B.

Hello! We received our custom Brio blend order last week and completed the installation – I absolutely LOVE it. The colors make me happy every time I walk into my kitchen! Installation was a breeze, especially since my husband did all of it… I’ve referred your site to several friends, the tiles gives such a great look- so much better than all the boring neutrals at the hardware stores.       

Karen T.
Charlottesville, VA

Hello, what a wonderful and user friendly site that you have developed. I loved it! The many pictures that you have give a customer the option of looking at the many different and elegant designs that can be achieved with your product. I really enjoyed using the "custom design" feature in which a customer can design his or her own tile. What a wonderful concept! I wish you continued success with your company.              

Claudia W.

Dear modwalls, when we decided to give our kitchen a new look, we knew we would have a problem with matching a new countertop and back splash with the existing floor. We were right! Our kitchen has very little wall space and we searched high and low to find either tile or wallpaper that would have all the colors of the floor, or at least enough of the colors to pull everything together. Appliance color was also a problem since the existing floor did not have white, beige or black in it. I was so excited when I found modwalls. We choose three grey hues, three taupe hues, added 5% of a blue hue found in the floor and 2% black to pull in the new black appliances. After we designed the blend and received the sample from modwalls, we were so thrilled we decided to tile the entire kitchen. Our ceilings are sloped and the tiles were somewhat easy to nip and install. Thank you very much for a wonderful product and for "tile blender". We love our new kitchen and love modwalls!                

Jill S.


We built a beach-inspired dream home and this tile fit right into that theme beautifully. We used the 1x2 glass tile in Fog Bank for kitchen backsplash and the 1x2 tile in the Hamptons Blend as an accent in our walk in shower as well as the vanilla matte ModDotz for the shower floor. The tile is simply gorgeous. It met and exceeded our expectations. We are so thrilled that we found modwalls online!

Thanks for beautiful tile and great service!          

Chris & Beth W.

I just placed the order, thanks for your speedy response. I LOVE this company, especially your support of people with developmental disabilities. I worked in Supported Employment for years. I am so pleased with my tile, and even the contractor is impressed especially when I told him how quickly I received it. As soon as the bathroom is complete I will be sending you pix. You guys ROCK!!!          

Vickie P.

We placed an order with Modwalls and are so happy with the results. The customer service that you provide is amazing! I am attaching a few photos as I heard that if you do send photos that Modwalls will pay $50 for them. I have to say, our kitchen looks amazing, so I hope the photos help with your sales :). Please let me know if you have any questions. Please also let me know if there is anything else I need to do.                  

Michelle M.

Rave reviews for our custom blend tile from Modwalls. Tile was received in the exact time quoted and in perfect condition. Installation was easy and the final results are fabulous. Couldn't be more pleased. Will definitely recommend to everyone!               

Edwin & LeeAnn L.

Modwalls Brio Tile- Super Satisfied Customer! Our total home project renovation is ALMOST complete, but it would not be so if we didn’t send you our Modwalls “show and tell”. We absolutely LOVE your product and it definitely shows within the end result!          

Gwen T.

We ordered several samples of tile from modwalls and decided overwhelmingly on the Lush 1x2 blend called Hamptons. The ordering process was very easy and our shipment arrived in a very timely manner. Upon arrival we inspected our order to find not one chip or loose tile which attests to the excellent packing job. Installation was done by a local contractor by the name of Jacob's Tile, LLC. He also commented on the superb packing of the tiles. Now that the tiles are installed they look even more remarkable. We are very happy with our purchase and would recommend modwalls products. Thank you modwalls for a great product.

Susan H.


I bought your  Lush Blend Santa Monica glass tiles. I absolutely LOVE the way my new kitchen looks. Everyone that has seen it says they love the tile.  I'm so glad I selected this tile, I think it really gives the kitchen that Wow factor! Thank you for your ease in ordering and timely shipping. Every piece arrived in perfect condition (not bad for several boxes of glass tiles). It was a pleasure doing business with you and I will continue to refer you to all my friends.

Karen W.

I have had a great time “designing” my own custom tile to go in our soon-to-be remodeled kitchen. You truly have a unique and fabulous product that is also very affordable. And the customer service so far is great – a definite plus, especially this day and age. Thanks for following up and I look forward to seeing your product in our new kitchen.

 LeeAnn L.

I am impressed at how quick, professional, and personal your service has been—every step of the way. Thank you for your help. It makes extensive renovations so very much easier.         

Hope K.


Thank you for your email. Yes, I received my sample tile blend and was more than pleased, I was very impressed. The colors were exactly as I had hoped and maybe even better. Navigating through your site was a breeze and I was happy to find many modern tile products. The tile mixer online tool was a great bonus. And then when I realized I could order an actual sample of my blend, I was delighted as that was the sell for me. Great idea and thanks for thinking of the customer. I will be excited to order my blend soon, and expect the product to be the best.           

Teresa M.

 We built a new home this past summer and I was having trouble finding just the right earthy/organic color combination in the glass tile blends that were available in the market. Modwalls to the rescue! I seriously played with your custom blending tool for hours until I came up with I deemed the perfect mix. Originally we were just going to tile the wall behind the stove and sink, but when the tile arrived, I loved it so much that I had to put it more places! We ended up ordering additional tile and installing it adjacent the stove, adjacent the sink, in the butler's pantry, and in the bathroom just off the kitchen. Thank you so much for a beautiful product.        

Angie P.

I really enjoyed making my own custom blend. I searched for quite some time looking for the color combination I wanted. I never did find it until I found your website. To be able to create my own blend of the colors that I wanted and name the design was just an added bonus. I found the process very easy and fun to navigate. It was my pleasure working with modwalls.

Keith S.

 The highlight of the kitchen is our glass tile backsplash from Modwalls. We used Lush 3x6 tiles in Cloud, Rain, and Vapor Frosted. The tiles look awesome and get the most compliments from our friends and family. And, working with Modwalls was great. The tile samples were shipped quickly and we were able to see the tiles against the walls in different light. After that, ordering was a piece of cake. The tiles were securely packaged (none broken) and arrived within a week’s time. I initially made a mistake on the order, but was able to send back the unused tiles for a full refund, without any hassle. Truly a pleasure doing business with you. We have since passed on our recommendation of Modwalls to many friends and acquaintances.       

Kiera W.

We couldn't be happier with our modwalls tile! The Lush Blend Napa Valley tile we purchased is absolutely gorgeous! We get compliments from everyone who sees it. It really makes the kitchen! Your staff was great to work with. We searched many other online tile stores, but none had such beautiful and unique tile blends as you. 

Lindsie K.

Your company not only have great products you have great people. You responded to my emails quickly and even called to let me know my tile was in stock again. I appreciate your prompt service. Kudos to you all.

A satisfied customer-    

Michael S.

My husband and I purchased modwalls tile for our kitchen. It was such a great experience. We did it ourselves and it was so easy to do it.

Thank you.  PS: Everybody loves my kitchen.              

Maria P.

The tile is absolutely stunning. It's the first thing people notice when they walk in -- definitely the wow factor of the kitchen. I've recommended your website to several people including the tile setter who installed my backsplash! He said it was the best glass tile he'd ever worked with and was surprised at how reasonable your prices were. The installed products include the Lush 3x6 cloud and Lush 2” blend Santa Monica.

Sharon G.

I have received all six samples ordered. I really appreciate that the samples were sent priority mail as I received them 2 days after placing the order. I must say all of the tile samples exceeded my expectations. We have ordered 31 sq ft of 3 x 6 tiles in Dune. By the way, I never would have thought an on line company located in CA would have the best price. We looked at five stores here in Indy and several other on line retailers and modwalls had the best price on 3x6 tiles. Also, the most beautiful! I'm looking forward to more DIY projects just so I can order more modwalls’ tiles.


Michelle M.

When I came to work yesterday, your gorgeous Tile had arrived. It's even more beautiful than I thought. Thank you so much! I will send you pics as soon as we have it installed. Product: Lush® glass 3x6 subway tile in Cloud.

Tina O.
Ikea store Los Angeles

Hello! My husband and I recently tiled our kitchen backsplash in your brio® blends tile, Fresh. It turned out beautifully and we now plan to also do our fireplace surround in he adjoining family room. I’ll be sending some well styled photos to you tomorrow.

We love your product and already have several friends interested in purchasing similar tile from your site. Just thought I would spread the word!     

Tiffany M.

Hello Rebecca, I am happy you got to see the displays with your product. We are also very excited; it gives the rooms a great atmosphere. The feedback I am getting from the Sales co-workers and peers is that the tile gets a lot of attention…your product is just that good!…your product enhances the appeal of ours. I will keep in touch and thank you for working with me on this project.

Rita H.
East Palo Alto Design Department

Thank you for your follow-up email. I also wanted to compliment you on your web site. I found it interesting, informative, and easy to navigate. It features your product line very well

David B.

We LOVE modwalls®. Your tiles made our dreams come true! Every single person who visits us runs their hands over the tiles—both kinds—they steal the show from the rest of the remodel!

Julie J.


 I want to report the glass tile is beautiful. I recommended modwalls®.com to my coworkers and friends.Your service has been wonderful! Thank you for all your help.        


Heya modwalls® chums... I finally finished my kitchen remodel (8 months). I used a blend that, if I recall correctly, was called "Mid-Century Modern"... and it is aptly named. It was the first time that I had ever used paper-faced glass tile and I found it to be pretty darned simple. Your installation instructions were very clear and you were nice enough to spend a few minutes on the phone with me to get me off on the right foot. I couldn't be happier with the product or the service. Thank you for offering me such beautiful product that was unbelievably affordable.

Richard W.

The tile came today as promised. It looks better if possible in person than on the website. I am really excited about getting started after 22 years it is time to revamp the kitchen and guest bath. Thanks again and have a super weekend.

Delyn S.

I'm looking at your tile and love it. It's very unique and FINALLY some tile w/style!! I can't look at one more piece of tile that has that basic marble style background!!

Tammy V.

Wanted to let you know that I received the Lush®  Glass Tiles today and I'm very excited to see the finished backsplash. I really do appreciate your help in this journey and making my idea come to life. Thanks a MILLION!!

Doris B.

It has been an EXCELLENT experience dealing with your company. Helping with little things like this question in a timely manner make all the difference. I am already recommending you to friends and family and plan to use your company for further renovation projects down the track. THANKYOU

Anne W.

Thanks, once again, for taking the time to provide me with genuine personal service, I hadn't found any online manufacturers that could rival showroom service until I contacted you. Looking forward to the samples.

Rick W.

I had searched everywhere locally and just couldn't find my mosaic vision. I was about to settle for something other than what I really wanted when I went online and found your website. Within one minute I found exactly what I was looking for and within a few days the tiles arrived on my doorstep. We are so pleased with them and the beautiful walls they have created!   

Catherine P.



I am super happy with my new backsplash and with the incredible attention I received from everyone at modwalls®. I really appreciate all the help I received before, during and after I placed my order. I will definitely recommend modwalls® to everyone. Thank you very much...          

Andrea D.

Our kitchen looks bang'n, cork floor, ikea cabinets, that tile was the perfect thing to tie it all in.  

Matt W.

I am so impressed with your glass tiles! I live in the New York area where we have access to everything........I have been looking for the perfect glass tile for quite a while now. I knew what I wanted but could not find it anywhere. I was about to place an order with another company, and then I saw your add in Dwell magazine. I went onto your website and was blown away by all of the choices. I ordered a bunch of full size sheets and I found the "perfect" tiles, brio® White Linen Blend and Clear Red. I have also been showing friends and family (who are also remodeling) your website.

Lisa K


Thank you so much for the prompt service on my return! You guys rock. I love my new tile work in my bathroom.

Terri S.

I was looking for something else on line and discovered your website instead. Lucky me. I'm a freelance mosaic artist/educator/community builder in Southern California. I have clients that would love to use your materials, they're gorgeous and the idea that many of the materials also give others jobs and self-satisfaction is ideal. Wonderful discovery!

Betty R.

We LOVE our subway tile – it absolutely makes the kitchen sparkle! And at night, we turn off all but one light and it feels like we’re in a swimming pool! Thanks again for your terrific quality and service. We will continue to recommend your company!

Jennifer B.

I'm very excited about your products. Thanks for existing,  

Ron H.

My husband and I just renovated our kitchen and were completely unsatisfied with the colors and color blends of glass tile we saw in the tile showrooms. We wanted to create something unique that matched our design idea for the kitchen. We discovered your very cool blender on the web site and created a great custom blend that works beautifully in the kitchen!

Kelly & Ed H.

Wow - I love how quick this order was filled and the tracking was sent. I appreciate the efficiency and will use you for future orders when I tackle the next project. Thanks!

Julie M.

 I will never buy from anyone else! You are fabulous! Your products are tip top, prices are unbeatable AND for an artist not to have to wait two weeks for her tiles!!!!?? Do you know how happy that makes me? I receive my orders in two business days!!! Thank you very much for a friendly website and your great products. I’ll be back!

Carole S.

Hi - I can't tell you how impressed I am with the way your site is laid out. Being able to quick order has saved me a good hour of waiting for pages to come in - we only have dial up here. Also, the way you can see what is ordered is very handy. And that you can leave your cart for 90 days - I have put lengthy orders in and not submitted, and LOST ALL on other sites. And it is also helpful to know the product you are ordering is indeed in stock. So, I will be a new customer!

Cindy F.