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CorkDotz Cork Penny Round Tile

CorkDotz are a forward-thinking, versatile green tiling material with a distinctly modern style. CorkDotz are made of cork recycled from the port bottling industry, cut in penny-round style, sealed and mesh-mounted for easy installation.

The natural properties of cork make it a wonderful alternative to traditional tile. The non-slippery surface, durability and softer footfeel make it a great choice for floors. Anti-static, bacterial-resistant, insulating and waterproof qualities make it a great choice for wet areas such as bathrooms and saunas. Cork dampens sound, making it an ideal choice for urban dwellings. The interesting texture makes it a great focal point for feature areas such as niches, dividers and bar areas. CorkDotz is a fresh, unique and all-round wonderful tile that will help your modern design shine! 

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Per Sheet
  • Material: Cork (Sustainably sourced from recycled wine corks)

  • Shape: Round

  • Tile Size: 1"

  • Tile Thickness: 6mm (Approximately 1/4")

  • Sheet / Loose: Sheet

  • Sheet Size: 0.92 Square Foot

  • Tiles Per Sheet: 120 tiles per sheet (10x12)

  • Grout Spacing: 3mm - 6mm (Approximately 1/8"- 1/4")

  • Applications: Walls, floors, backsplashes, countertops, showers and pools. Indoor or outdoor Installation.

  • Recommended Adhesive: X701 Super Flex Mortar or Ardex S48 PowderTile Adhesive

  • Recommended Grout: Sanded grout

  • Recommended Trim (if needed):

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